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Animal Control

dogThe Police Services Contract between the Village of Richfield and the Township of Richfield provides animal control services in coordination with Summit County Animal Control.  

The Village Animal Control Officer (Dog Warden) is Ms. Patti Horn. Residents may contact the Richfield Police Department at 330-659-9500 or in the case of an emergency dial 911. 

dog and catDue to Village Ordinances and Ohio Revised Code, Village Animal Control Officer may only provide services to the Township such as securing household dogs and cats, retaining household dogs and cats until the owner can be found, and coordinating animal control with the Summit County Animal Control Services. 

dog and cat
To report an animal control issue visit Summit County Animal Control or call 330-643-2845.  

To report and animal abuse situation visit Summit County Humane Society or call 330-487-0333.


Is my dog allowed to run loose?
NO.  Dogs are not permitted to run loose.  Dogs must be physically confined or restrained upon the premises of the owner by leash, tether, adequate fence or secure enclosure to prevent escape.  When outside these boundaries, dogs must be leashed and under the immediate control of some person.  These conditions apply except for when a dog is lawfully engaged in hunting or training purposes and is accompanied by the register owner.  Codified Ordinance Summit County 88-360, Section 505.02 (A)
If my dog damages or destroys property, am I liable?
YES.  The owner of any dog that damages or destroys property (public or private) shall be held liable for the full value of the property damaged or destroyed.  Residents may contact the Richfield Police Department (330.659.9500 or 911 in case of an emergency) who will assist them with coordinating services among the local and county authorities.  Codified Ordinance Summit County 88-360, Section 505.53 (A)
Is there a limit to the number of dogs that I can own in Summit County?
Zoning restrictions limiting the number of dogs that can be owned vary in every community.  Contact the Richfield  Township Zoning Inspector/Director of Planning at the Administrative Office, telephone number 330.659.4700.
Am I legally required to pick-up my dog excrement?
YES.  Owners that allow their dogs to discard urine or excrement on any public or private sidewalk must immediately pick-up and properly dispose of such urine or excrement.  Codified Ordinance Summit County 88-360, Section 505.12 (B)
Are dogs allowed to enter stores?
The only dogs allowed to enter stores are guide dogs registered under Ohio Revised Code 955.011.  No person shall take, lead or have a dog in their possession upon entering a store or covered mall except when proceeding to a specific store or clinic for animals located within the structure.  Codified Ordinance Summit County 88-360, Section 505.11 (A)
What is a nuisance dog?
Summit County defines a nuisance dog as an animal that:  creates offesive odors or unsanitary conditions; disturbs the peace and good order of the county by frequent and habitual barking, howling, yelping or any other unreasonably loud and distrubing noises; molests, menaces or interferes with person in the public right of way; scatters refuse that is bagged or otherwise contained in trash resptacles; and damages any public or private property.  Codified Ordinance Summit County 88-360, Section 505-05 (A 1.5)

Residents need to first contact the Richfield Police Animal Control Officer at 330.659.2831 Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.  After hours, contact 330.659.9500 Police Dispatch or if an emergency 911.  The Police and the Animal Control Officer will assist you by coordinating the appropriate response to the call either through local authority or county authority.   

For the complete Codified Ordinance Summit County for Chapter 505 dealing with animal control, click here. 

coyote  racoon

The removal of  dead wild animals from the roadways is split among the roadway ownership due to the fact that the township is comprised of township, county and state roads.    Residents will need to know their roadway ownership prior to reporting the incident.  Residents may call the Township Administration Office or click here for a list.  Telephone Numbers for each governmental entity are as follows:  Township Roads: 330-659-6483 Township Service Department, Summit County Roads: 330-643-2860, State of Ohio Roads: 330-650-1300.

A deer on the side of Streetsboro Road would be the responsibility of the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) since it is a state highway.  A dead raccoon on Riding Run Road would be the responsibility of the township since Riding Run Road is a township road.

Other Wild Animal Issues?

MOST IMPORTANTLY:  Notify the Police Department (330.659.9500 or 911) for any wild animal suspected of rabies.  

General wildlife removal is not a free service.  There are a number of professional wildlife control services that will provide this service for a fee for residential and commercial customers.  They offer custom animal control solutions for almost any type of wildlife problem, whether it are the noises of squirrels running though the attic, a colony of bats living in a building, or the destructive behavior of a raccoon.  Listed below are four (4) companies that service the area.  (The Township does not recommend or endorse any of these companies.)   Residents may also contact SUMMIT COUNTY ANIMAL CONTROL SERVICES: 330-375-2320 for further assistance. 


CRITTER CONTROL at 216-920-0867ARMINT GITTER at 330-321-6990