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Joint Economic Development District

The Richfield Light Industrial / Office Joint Economic Development District (JEDD) Agreement was entered into on October 24, 2005 by Richfield Township and The Village of Richfield. The District was formed to preserve the Township's tax base, expand the Village's tax base, create employment opportunities, provide the benefits of sewer and water to the area, and facilitate development of the property in the District. Click here for a link to the JEDD Agreement.

The JEDD Board is comprised of five members: one each from the Township and the Village, one member representing owners of businesses in the District, one member representing an employee working in the District, and one member selected and appointed by the preceding four members.

Current JEDD Board Members 
Trustee Janet Jankura (Township representative)
Mayor Michael Wheeler (Village representative)
Mr. John Allega, Sr. (Business Owner representative)
Mr. John Allega, Jr. (Employee representative)
Mr. Harold Gaar (Appointed member)