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Board of Zoning Appeals

Ohio Revised Code, Chapter Five (5) of ORC V, 519.13, delegates the authority to the Township's Board of Zoning Appeals.  The Township's Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) consists of seven (7) residents:  five (5) residents appointed by the Board of Trustees to five-year terms and two (2) residents that serve one (1) year for the current year.  These appointments are similar to the Zoning Commission in that the members' terms are staggered so that one term expires each year.  The Board of Zoning Appeals is required by local zoning regulations to establish a set of rules and procedures for guiding the conduct of hearings and to provide standards by which the substance of testimony and other evidence is offered and judged.

The quasi-judicial function of the BZA arises from its authority to hear and decide appeals.  It is the first step an individual may take to appeal a decision made by the Zoning Inspector or to request a variance from a standard within the zoning regulations as it applies to his/her property.  The BZA will usually be able to resolve any conflict and if not the next step for the aggrieved part is the Court of Common Pleas.

The BZA also has the authority to grant variances from the strict terms of the zoning regulations where unnecessary hardship would otherwise result.  While this power is necessary, the appointing authority and the member they appoint to the BZA must realize the problems which would result in eroding the zoning regulations through granting an excessive number of variances.  The BZA does not have the authority to make changes in the zoning text or map.

The third basic function of the BZA is to review applications for conditional use permits to insure that all required standards and conditions for the placement of the conditional use in a particular district has been met.  Reviewing conditional use applications is solely the responsibility of the BZA with the Township.

The BZA meets the third MONDAY of the month at 6:30 p.m. at the Township Administration Office. Current year meeting agendas and minutes can be found below. Previous years can be found in archived documents.

Board of Zoning Appeals Members

  • Natalie Grubb - Term Expires 2024
  • Vacant - Term Expires 2025
  • Robert Kapitan - Term Expires 2026
  • Geoffrey Graham - Term Expires 2027
  • Hamid Homaee - Term Expires 2028
  • Jerry Ryba (Alternate) - Term Expires 2024
  • Mostafa Hussein (Alternate) - Term Expires 2024
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2023 BZA Agendas and Minutes11 documents

2023 BZA Agendas9 documents

  • 01-16-23 BZA Agenda.pdf
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  • 03-20-23 BZA Agenda.pdf
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  • 06-19-23 BZA Agenda.pdf
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  • 07-17-23 BZA Agenda.pdf
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  • 082123 BZA Agenda.pdf
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  • 09-18-23 BZA Agenda.pdf
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  • 10-16-23 BZA Agenda.pdf
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  • 11-20-23 BZA Agenda.pdf
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  • 12-18-23 BZA Agenda.pdf
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2023 BZA Minutes2 documents

  • 01-16-23 BZA Minutes.pdf
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  • 03-20-23 BZA Minutes.pdf
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2024 BZA Agendas and Minutes4 documents

2024 BZA Agendas4 documents

  • 01-15-24 BZA Agenda.pdf
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  • 02-20-24 BZA Agenda.pdf
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  • 03-18-24 BZA Agenda .pdf
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  • 04-15-24 BZA Agenda.pdf
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2024 BZA MinutesNo documents