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Government Links of Interest

The following are links to the most frequently requested governmental organizations.  They are listed beginning at the federal level and then ending with county.  You will be leaving the Richfield Township Website when clicking on any of these links. 


Environmental Protection Agency,

Internal Revenue Service,

United States Senate,

United States House of Representatives,

The White House,

Library of Congress,


Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Ohio BMV, P. O. Box 16520, Columbus, Ohio 43216, 614-752-7500,

Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction Sexual Offender Information,

Ohio General Assembly,

Ohio Department of Transportation,,  ROAD MAINTENANCE 330-650-1300

Main Office Information:Main Office 1980 West Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio, 43223, General Telephone Number, 614-466-7170

District Information:  Richfield Township is District 4, 2088 South Arlington Road, Akron, Ohio 44306, 330-786-3100, (f) 330-786-2232

Ohio Department of Natural Resources,

Ohio Attorney General,

State of Ohio,

Ohio Department of Taxation,


Summit County, Ohio,  This website includes the information about the County Executive, County Council, Clerk of Courts, County Engineer, County Fiscal Officer, County Prosecutor and the County Sherriff and the Building Department.  The main building address for the county is:  Ohio Building, 175 South Main Street, Akron, Ohio. 

The County Engineer is located at 538 East South Avenue, Akron, Ohio, 44311.  Telephone number 330-643-2850 and (f) 330-762-7829.  Website is: 

The main navigation tabs on the county website are: 

  • Clerk of Courts
  • County Council
  • Courts
  • Engineer
  • Executive
  • Fiscal
  • Prosecutor
  • Sheriff 
Underneath the main navigation tabs direct link information on the following categories:  

  • Property (FAQ Information found here is:  Appraisal & Tax Information, Parcel Maps, Tax Reduction & Exemption)
  • Development
  • County Services (FAQ Information found here is:  Animal Control, Board of Elections, Dog Licenses, Job & Family Services)
  • Courts 
  • Other Links (FAQ Information found here is:  Events Calendar, Summit for Kids) 
ReWorks (formerly known as Summit/Akron Solid Waste Management Authority), visit their website for information and resources. Please note that this service is available to Summit County residents only. No business, school or government waste is accepted.  ReWorks is located at 12 East Exchange Street, Akron, Ohio 44308, 330-374-0383, (f) 330-374-1819.

Summit County Board of Elections,,  470 Grant Street, Akron, Ohio 44311,

Summit County Children's Services,, 264 South Arlington Street, Alron, Ohio 44306, 330-379-9094, (f) 330-379-1901.

Summit County Engineer,, 538 East South Stree, Akron, Ohio 44311, 330-643-2850, (f) 330-762-7829.

Summit County Fiscal Officer,, 175 South Main Street, Akron, Ohio 44308, 888-388-5613. 

Summit County Health Department,, 1100 Graham Road Circle, Stow, Ohio 44224, 330-923-4891.

Summit County Prosecutor,, 53 University Avenue, Akron, Ohio 44308, 330-643-2800, (f) 330-643-2137.

Summit County Sheriff,, 53 Unversity Avenue, 6th Floor, Akron, Ohio 44308, 330-643-8642.

Summit County United Way,, 90 North Prospect Street, Akron, Ohio 44304, 330-762-7601.

Summit County Soil and Water Conservation District,, 2525 State Road, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44223, 330-929-2871, (f) 330-929-2872.

Summit County Building Department,, 1030 East Tallmadge Avenue, Akron, Ohio   44310.  Telephone Number:  330.630.7300.  Office hours are from 7:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.  Field Inspector Hours are from 7:30 a.m. until 9:00 a.m.  The Field Inspector is available those times daily to answer questions or schedule inpsections.


Village of Richfield, 4410 West Streetsboro road, 330-659-9201,