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Fiscal Officer

Mr. Vik Sandhu, Fiscal Officer

The Fiscal Officer is a four (4) year term that begins on April 1 after the previous November election and expires on March 31.  Mr. Sandhu took office as Township Fiscal Officer in 2024 and his term expires March 31, 2028.

Mr. Sandhu can be contacted through the Township Administration Office on telephone number 330-659-4700 or through email at  

Funding to operate all services provided to residents in Richfield Township comes from property taxes, motor vehicle license tax, gasoline tax, permissive motor vehicle license tax, and zoning fees. Additional income may be derived from lease agreements as well. In 2005, a Joint Economic Development Agreement with the Village of Richfield was reached that will produce additional income for the Township.

Another major source of income comes in the form of specific levies, which are voted on by the residents. Richfield Township currently has four levies:  

  • Road and Bridge Levy,
  • Police Protection Levy and
  • Fire/EMS Levy
  • Waste Hauling Levy

To obtain specific appraisal and tax information about your property, visit the Summit County Fiscal Officer's Website:

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